Dick Summer Connection

Looking for your stories about Christmas. Please send them to dick@dicksummer.com. They don’t have to be complicated, just real. I put them in this blog, and some go in the podcasts. Here’s one from very proud Podcast Person, Gary. Gary is a good guy. 

My late wife Anita and I would decorate the tree with the children..But we saved two mini stuffed ornaments for last after the kids went to bed. They were some kind of white snow people; one a boy and one a girl….She would take them in her hands, make a goofy voice and hold the girl and say ” This one is me”…then take the other one and hold it up and say in that funny voice “This one is you”….Just to get her to repeat it I would “Which one is me and which one is you?”…she would change it up and repeat it….Then she would make them kiss and do a goofy kissing sound….we would then hang them on the tree…then we would kiss and go to bed. I have not taken those ornaments out of the box for 12 years since she passed. But I think of her and wonder what the hell she saw in me. Merry Christmas to you and your dear wife and family! Be well! Gary.

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