Dick Summer Connection

Looking for your Christmas stories for the podcasts again this year. Please send them to Dick@DickSummer.com Here’s one from one of our special Proud Podcast People Carole, a Brooklyn girl now living with her husband Bill in Myrtle Beach.

The Christmas pilgrimage my Dad and I would take via subway from Coney Island to NYC every year: We would start at Rockefeller Center, and check out all the store windows on Fifth Avenue up to 57th Street, then reverse course and head down to 34th and Fifth Avenue. Last stop – the Chock Full O’Nuts right near the Herald Square subway station, for a steaming hot cup of Joe and one of their famous date-nut bread and cream cheese sandwiches. He wasn’t a man of many words — but he would give me his arm, and off we’d go. I treasured those times more than I can say. The memories are still so vivid. (Many of the stores we’d window shop are no longer around. Georg Jensen and B Altman, to name a few. ) The many Christmases spent with my brother,now long departed. No immediate family left,with the exception of Bill (and my family by proxy, most of whom reside in NH). He and I spent a wonderful, amazing, quiet and peaceful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – just the two of us. I prepared a special Christmas Eve meal – garlic and herb marinated shrimp, later cooked with more garlic, butter and white wine,to become delicious shrimp scampi, served over pasta with a glass of white wine (or two). Bill and I have a Christmas Eve ritual. Myrtle Beach has a wonderful station, “Easy Radio”, which plays a wonderful mix of Christmas music (traditional, popular, and classical), with virtually no commercial interruptions all night long. We take our post-dinner coffee and flip back the tablecloths atop our dining room table, and start work on a jigsaw puzzle. That usually continues till the wee hours. (It usually takes a week or so to complete.)

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  1. Bill Killeen says:

    Great Story thanks for sharing !! One Question, was that classic, “She’s My Coney Island Baby’ part of the music that night ?