Dick Summer Connection

PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY! Today’s podcast begins our annual Christmas Story search. And Proud Podcast Person “Sgt.” Tom Preston just came through with this…and I love it:

The best Christmas present I ever got was the joyous reaction from my wife on Christmas Eve so long ago she wasn’t my wife yet. I got her an engagement ring, and while she was not surprised, she was thrilled. I wasn’t surprised either, when she said, ”Yes.” And I don’t know if I was delighted or thrilled; maybe both. The reason I say she was thrilled is we went to midnight mass ,and she sat in church, holding the ring toward various light sources to see it sparkle. I was thrilled watching her sparkle too.

Got a Christmas story for me? Please send it to Dick@DickSummer.com. It doesn’t have to be fancy…just…real. 

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