Dick Summer Connection

Lots of good stories are made up. Here’s one from today’s podcast. Icaught my nasty next door neighbor Steve putting Jello in the bird bath so he could watch the birds bounce their landings. Fake News. But FUN fake news. Here’s some real news, news. There is now an airline that calls itself Cheapo Air. Now I’m a pilot, and I think if I flew for Cheapo Air part of my welcome speech to passengers would have to include, Welcome to Cheapo Air, where we pass along the savings that we get from skipping things like regular maintainence, and pilot training. So please remember, while we’re in flight, please observe the no screaming signs.

2 Responses to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    Is your neighbor Steve getting the birds ready for ‘Jello Figure Skating Follies’ when the bird bath freezes over ?? Cheapo Airlines, isn’t that the airline that is towed like a glider and flies like one too ? – Louie Louie, we gotta go now !!!

  2. Bill Killeen says: