Dick Summer Connection

There’s a short story I like to tell near Thanksgiving in today’s podcast. It’s about turkeys of course. Turkeys are dumb. Even around Thanksgiving they walk around looking up at people and saying gobble gobble. Bad move. If you could teach a turkey to talk like a parrot, and you asked a turkey what he thinks would make the best stuffing, the turkey would probably tell you, as far as he’s concerned the best stuffing would be corn and bugs…which is why your better chefs don’t ask the turkey what he thinks would make good stuffing. Some overly sensitive people have been known to become somewhat emotionally involved when they stuff a turkey. But turkeys don’t have lips, so there’s really not much chance of any real foreplay. That story is not my fault. It came from some little voice in my head. 

One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    As Arte Johnson would say ” Interesting, Very interesting’