Dick Summer Connection

I have been trying to figure out woman’s minds along with their other more physical parts for a long time. Today’s podcast has a  story I think you’ll find important. I was a hypnotherapist for about 18 years. Hypnosis is fascinating. One of the great hypnotic experiments proved that there’s much more going on between our ears than we understand. I love to kid you, but this is no kidding. The great hypnotic experiment went like this. A hypnotist made a guy hypnotically deaf, blindfolded him, sat him in a chair and gave him a post hypnotic suggestion that he wouldn’t hear anything until the hypnotist said the guy’s name. Then the hypnotist hooked the subject up to an EEG machine, which reads physical reactions in the brain. He took a pistol loaded with blanks, and shot it off right beside the subject’s head. POW! The EEG readout showed no reaction and the subject didn’t flinch because he was hypnotically deaf. The hypnotist then said the guy’s name, and he could hear again. The question is of course, if the guy didn’t hear the gunshot because he was hypnotically deaf how did he hear his name which was the signal to come out of the hypnosis. That’s why we say besides the conscious and the unconscious, there’s a state of mind called, “The Observing Self.” And guys, I think your “Observing Self” should have a wonderful time during National Breast Awareness Month. And although your unconscious mind might smirk a little your conscious mind could semi- truthfully deny everything.

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