Dick Summer Connection

Some of you have been listening to podcasts like today’s for a while, so you will have some understanding of the testosterone tsunami that shook me today. This is no kidding. I saw a sign outside a medical building today that said…”This is National Breast Awareness month.” My Lady Wonder Wench was driving, and in an instant I understood that old psychological precept: “Your unconscious mind is much faster than your conscious mind.” My big mouth was connected to my unconscious mind at the time and it let out some kind of noise that sounded like “YYEEEHHHAAA STOP.” My conscious mind would have shut my big mouth. My unconscious mind was faster. And it was really no competition.  When I yelled, “Stop.” My Lady Wonder Wench hit the brakes, the tires shrieked and smoked, our heads just missed the windshield and the cars behind us blew a car horn symphony. It was clearly time for confession. But when I explained that I just needed her to take my picture in front of that sign that said it was National Breast Awareness month, she did a 360 degree eye roll right out loud, said something she knew wasn’t true about my mother and father’s marital status when I was born, hit the gas and drove us home in what might best be described as a vast, fast, frozen silence. That’s frozen cold…as in distant. Very distant.

2 Responses to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    BBBRRRRR !!! From a Galaxy far far away !!

  2. Carole says:

    You’re lucky she didn’t smack you upside the head once she caught her breath and realized what was “up”!!!