Dick Summer Connection

Today’s podcast is about fantasies. Fantasies are the sparks that ignite an explosive romance. Sometimes they’re about wearing sexy underwear. Sometimes they’re just about teddy bears. Here’s one about teddy bears from my Lady Wonder Wench. It’s An example of the kind of spark that’s kept us in love for a long time.

Teddy bears are special. I should know, I have two of the very best: one came from a Louie Louie Lad overseas when I made the mistake of falling off my horse; and the other came from my own Lad, and that bear even talks to me. Anyone who has ever curled up with a t-b knows how well they listen. They never contradict or censure or laugh at you. They always giggle when you do, and they even frown with you at stuff you don’t understand. You can cry on them and wipe your nose on them; you can forget about them and leave them behind when you go out into the world. But THEY never leave YOU. If you look in the corner or at your old bed in your old bedroom, there they will be: waiting for you to grin and say “Hi, how are ya?” . . . waiting for you to pick them up and hug them and laugh with them once again. Teddy bears are the ultimate Louie Louie children. Never leave them behind if you can help it.

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