Dick Summer Connection

A long time ago sleep was never a problem for me. Check out today’s podcast for more about that. Sleep was my little personal friend back then. I used to tell people, “The reason your eyes water when you yawn while you’re awake is that you miss your friendly little bed, and that makes you sad.” But lately, every once in a while, my little sleep friend “un-friends me” to put it in Facebook’s terms. So now when I find myself wandering around at about 3 AM when I should be smiling lecherously at my Lady Wonder Wench in a dream I think back to those all night disc jockey nights…back many years ago..when I could see her smile even with my eyes closed. I’ve been thinking about it. And I realize now that her smile while my eyes were closed wasn’t so much a picture, as it was a feeling. But it felt like a picture. I know that’s strange. But think about it. You’ve seen my friend Jose Feliciano, or Stevie Wonder, or Ray Charles smile, even when they’ve obviously never seen anyone smile. They’re blind. So they never could have seen any one smile. I guess your face muscles are connected to something very deep inside. I think the same thing is true about your hands. That’s why I will never stop holding my Lady’s hand.

One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    Sounds like the Rodney Crowell Song, “After All this Time” and the Kenny Rogers song “She Believes in Me” – Congradulations !!!