Dick Summer Connection

Big time worries in today’s podcast. Angela is a friend to both my Lady Wonder Wench and to me. Here’s what my Lady Wonder Wench wrote about it:

All right, now, listen up all you Louie Louie Lasses, and get your Wonder Woman mojo working ‘cause Louie Louie Lass Angela (she of the long fingernails and exquisite back scratch fame) is in the hospital in Brooklyn. Angela is in the hospital where she used to work and the folks there intend to take very good care of her. Now some of you will remember the night on live NBC radio when Dick was doing a commercial and Angela came into the studio behind him and started one of her famous back scratches – and the Lad said something like “gazorninplatz” instead of what was actually written for the commercial. So here’s the deal, Angela: do as you’re told and follow instructions to the letter. I know it will be tough, Angela girl, but please do what they tell you to do in the hospital. And keep those fingernails ready. We want you safe at home as soon as possible.


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