Dick Summer Connection

I guess we should take hunches more seriously. Here’s an experiment from today’s podcast. Professor Susan Hughes of Albright College in Pennsylvania set up an experiment that suggests that blind dates are ok, but you should never go on a deaf date. She’s done studies that seems to indicate that just by the sound of a voice, you can tell a person’s sex, race, social status, height and weight, and even lots of personality traits. This has nothing to do with what a person is saying…it just has to do with the sound of that person’s voice. She had the people in the studies listen to recorded samples of 10 women’s and 10 men’s voices. Half the speakers on the recordings admitted to her that they had cheated on their partners, and the other half had not cheated on their partners. These were recorded voices of strangers the participants didn’t know. And the voices on the recordings simply counted from one to ten. Professor Hughes says the results of her experiment were quite a shock. She says the majority of the study participants quote, “rated the voices of those who had a history of cheating as much more likely to cheat.” Wow. Your cheating voice can tell on you.So…blind date…ok…deaf date…not so much.

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