Dick Summer Connection

You and I…us…we…are a very small huddle of humans. There aren’t very many of us. But we are the Louie Louie Generation, and we can make a difference. As I told you in today’s podcast we can stop bringing down the wrath of God, by ignoring the BRRRR He put in February. If He wants us to know he can make a month just as nasty as August, but in the other direction…we won’t fight it. We won’t get Him so ticked off He makes us start dodging polar bears in mid-town traffic. Admit it. It’s cold. That’s because…and repeat after me please, it’s FebBRRRRuary. And please tell your friends to do the same. Please. It’ll make a big difference. It might even make February cool again…instead of so damn cold. And it could…possibly… even help ease some of the pain of rejection that I have felt, ever since mom wore that thick, wool sweater, while I was trying to nurse, all those years ago.

no seatblt

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