Dick Summer Connection

Kind of a rant in today’s podcast. Maybe it’s just that I was born in February, but it really grates on my one remaining nerve to hear people say the word February without the brrrr. What’s a FebYOUuary? The BRRR is important. How would you like to go see a B-youd-way play ? If you come to a red light in your car, are you going to step on the buWAKe? Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but when somebody says FebYOUary…but I want to drown that person in a barrel of b_you. It’s BREW, folks…as you, and the priest, the rabbi, and the minister damn well knew when you went to get some bREW-skies in that weird bar at the beginning of this podcast. By the way after you left, my buddy Big Louie says a giant termite walked in and asked, “Where is the bar tender.” I guess he was thirsty after playing a dangerous game of termite squash. The prize for winning is that you don’t get squashed. Here’s some Cake and Edith for you from my buddy Al.

Kate & Edith

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