Dick Summer Connection

All this sex research is confusing. In today’s podcast, Big Louie, the head guy of the Louie Louie Generation says, “You should never have sex before your first date.” Words to live by. He also says, “It is impolite after an unsuccessful first date for a guy to ask for his flowers back. And it is just as impolite for a girl to suggest that she will give him his dinner back if he tries to touch her.” More words to live by. It wasn’t always like this. It used to be that when a guy met a girl he liked at some bar, he’d slide over to her and whisper one of his favorite pick up lines into her ear. Guys used to collect good pick up lines. Stuff like ”Your eyes are as blue as the water in my toilet.” Or “I’m here. Now what are your other two wishes.”And once the picking up is done, and lots of years go by, other problems often arise.

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