Dick Summer Connection

Doctors have been doing lab experiments about the female sex drive. It’s in today’s podcast. Their findings are waayyy off. Doctors, doctors, doctors…un-button your tight fitting white lab coats and try the experiment again following Dr. Guzinski’s lead. Dr. Gay Guzinski, M.D. of the American College of Obstetricians published a study just now that says, “Women who are multi orgasmic can and do remain so for their entire lives.” So how does he know that? The only way he would know that for sure is if he spends many, many nights working late with his intern whose name is Desiree. I think you will find that when you have wandered into a ladies’ erogenous zone like that, she will often smile, purr, and writhe all at once. And I guarantee you’ll notice that. Some ladies even say something in a romance language…something like “WHOOPIE.”

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