Dick Summer Connection

I was born in February, and I blame the cold weather for my introduction to what I have come to call in today’s podcast,  my “lifetime of emotional rejection.” I was born in February. In the Arctic section of Brooklyn. And can you imagine how hard it is for a new born infant to nurse through a wool sweater ? In February, there are especially sexy places in Brooklyn where you can’t get satellite reception because of the electrical interference from all the static electricity sparks from skin rubbing against all those heavy wool sweaters. I remember Sister Mary Knucklebuster telling the guys in the fifth grade, that those static electric sparks were little tiny lightning strikes, put into girl’s sweaters by God to make us keep our fingers to ourselves. I don’t know what she told the girls. But whatever it was, it seemed to be highly effective for all but a very few, very popular young ladies.

Flying squirrel

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