Dick Summer Connection

We all have a lower reptilian brain. All of us including you. I call mine my “Wee Beastie.” When it gets sexy it becomes my “Whee Beastie.” I call my “Whee Beastie” Rumplstilkin Pfarphenugen. “Pfarf” for short. As I warned you in today’s podcast, Pfarf is a powerful and dangerous little guy. Your whee beastie is too, so don’t ignore him. Whee beasties don’t like ignorance. Whee beasties work hard to juice up your life. For example, if you live in an apartment with thin walls, or a neighborhood where people leave their windows open at night, you will probably hear in the middle of some night a woman’s voice shouting “Oh my God…yes, yes, yes”…and if it doesn’t sound like a prayer, you can be pretty sure that somebody has opened a cage, and let her whee beastie out to play.

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