Dick Summer Connection

We look deeply into the mind of God in today’s podcast. Think about this. Suppose you were God, and you wanted to make a really nasty, cold month…which if you were God, you’d have a perfect right to do. Maybe you wanted people to know, and appreciate, that just as you could make a stinking hot month like August, you could make a crappy cold month too if you felt like it. In your mercy, you’d make it shorter than the other months, but it would be really nasty cold. So you made the month, and gave it the name February… because, FeBRUary has that nice kind of cold BRRR sound in there, and being God you are very good with the English language. Now suppose your clueless people keep leaving out the BRRR that you wanted in there. They keep calling it FebYOUary. If you were God, wouldn’t you kind of tighten down the cold screws a little, hoping people would get the point ? Of course you would. You might even go so far as to make them go to their favorite bar and drink bYOU-skis.

peaceloving god

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