Dick Summer Connection

Today’s podcast is about what happened when “Lawn Tractor Man” met “Piano Man”? Something happened. This podcast was originally done years ago. But it was by far the most downloaded podcast of all TODAY, and there are 558 podcasts in all. It has a story in it about NYC Police Detective Bill McGroaraty, who was a friend of mine until the bad guys got him. And there’s a story about some chest thumping, sweat stained pride in having the fastest lawn tractor on the block. And there’s also a story about two pilots and a woman…a story that took a lot of discipline for me to write because it hits pretty close to home. But it was published years ago. How come after all this time, it ranked as the most downloaded podcast of all time. I don’t know “Whassup” but maybe you can tell me. I’d really like to know. My email is dick@dicksummer.com

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