Dick Summer Connection

It takes time to learn some things about life…and you can’t learn those things from books…whoops… sorry…you can’t learn those things  by reading your Kindle. Today’s podcast is about the fact that for me, life works one tear, one splinter, one meal, one laugh, one love at a time. The love part is especially tricky. Deciding you’re going to love forever can be a problem. “Forever” is way too complicated an idea. Forever can be a trap. But if you let your love keep feeding on your fantasies, you’ve got a shot at keeping it strong enough to last a very long time. Maybe forever? So that means you’ve got to power up your fantasies as often as you can. “All you need is love” is a great song, and it’s a terrific fantasy, but it’s not quite true. You also need a roof over your head, something to wear to keep you warm, and a bite of chocolate couldn’t hurt once in a while. Loving costs you a lot. But not loving costs you everything. And guys, the good news  is that most ladies find it hard to resist a guy who sings to her, even if it’s a little off key. A guy who brings her flowers…and tells her stories…and always holds her hand. Always. I have come to the time in my life when I am absolutely certain that “two at a time” refers to pills…not stairs or lovers. And I think I have had a successful life, because looking back…most of my memories make me smile. I hope yours do too.

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