Dick Summer Connection

1997 was the year my brain went from “I probably shouldn’t be doing that” to “Oh hell let’s see what happens.”  Today’s podcast is about the fact that we had incandescent light bulbs back in 1997. And when you checked into a hotel you got a key instead of a plastic card with a chip in it. My car had a clutch pedal. There were mail boxes all around. It was a very different time, and this was a very different place, because it WAS such a different time. Time really does fly. And right now it feels like it’s flying at escape velocity. Hang on, group. Don’t let go of each other. 

One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    All Hail King Louie as we fly like an eagle and escape to the dunes on the cape while hanging on to Sloopy !!!