Dick Summer Connection

According to today’s podcast, an internationally famous holy book says, “He deserves paradise who makes his companions laugh.” I wouldn’t mind a little paradise, so let’s see if I can get a giggle. SEX…is the most awful, filthy thing on earth, so we must save it for someone we love. Any laughs? How about Guys need to make believe we know what we’re doing at all times. And we need to make believe that we never need help. We have to believe we can fix anything, maybe not right now but soon. And we must never go to a therapist or a doctor unless it can be clinically proven that we have been dead for at least a year. “No sense going to the hospital honey, I don’t seem to be in a coma.” …a little giggle?? Nothing??? How about, Your proctologist called. He found your head. No?/ All those in favor of Viagra, please rise. Aw come on.

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