Dick Summer Connection

According to today’s podcast, research from a big tourist company claims that what vacationers want to do most is NOTHING. But most importantly like all of us, they don’t want to get caught doing something klutzy. But if you do get caught doing something klutzy on vacation or really any time, remember the words of Big Louie who always says, “You can usually get away with doing something klutzy by pretending that’s exactly what you intended to do, and you’re doing it for reasons only you understand. Take a clue from a cat. When a cat does something dumb, she just pauses, shakes herself, and licks some part of her body for a while…gives you a bored look and slinks away.” I think I’d skip the licking your body part, because that could start a controversy… especially if you do it at work. Dogs have a different way of dealing with things. 

One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    True, if both a Cat and Dog walk into a plate glass Door, the dog will howl and cry, the cat, will pause, hold his head up and say to himself, ” I wont let them see’, do that peacock walk until he is out of sight and hearing, and then go Meow !!