Dick Summer Connection

Today’s podcast proves that you simply can’t do nothing. Consider the word “Re-Tire”. It means you got tired, then got zippy again, then got tired again. The word “Re-Creation” means the act of taking a day to get zippy again after all the huffing and puffing you did all week. You’re re-zipping yourself. So doing nothing is doing a very big something. Creation. It’s an energy source. It’s re-charging your smart phone…getting to a gas station before your car engine stops…enjoying an extra long kiss so you can store up some extra lovin feeling before you go away for a long journey alone. The Good best selling Holy Book says even the Almighty God had to take a day off after creating all week. Here’s another quote from another  best selling holy book. “He deserves paradise who makes his companions laugh.” I’ll tell you which holy book that’s from in today’s podcast…and some of you will be very surprised.

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