Dick Summer Connection

Look, creating stuff is hard work. Today’s podcast claims, it doesn’t matter if you create stuff by building a house, making potato salad, or figuring a way to get to Mars and back. The word recreation is a little like the word retire. In order to retire, you have to work hard enough to get tired, then somehow get zippy again, then get tired again. Re-Tired. Recreation is one way to get zippy again. Getting zippy again is certainly not nothing. As I’m sure you know from your extensive research of the English language, not nothing is what’s called a double negative. A double negative statement makes a positive statement. “Not nothing” means “something.” It’s like a tee shirt I saw on a guy one day that said, “If you aint a Montana cowboy you aint nothing.” The guy wearing the shirt was about the size of an 18 wheel truck so I resisted the urge to point out to him that what that statement means is if you are a Montana cowboy you are nothing. Double negative.

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