Dick Summer Connection

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, where you can go ten blocks and never leave the scene of a fight. In today’s podcast,  I was such a tough young guy that I could actually get taxis in Manhattan…right at Penn Station. I instantly and completely forgot that at my present Louie Louie Generation stage of life, weight lifting consists of just managing to stand up. These days it takes me longer to recover than it did to tire me out in the first place. But without thinking, I was instantly on my feet. I had absolutely no thought going through my mind at all. It was all reaction. I have a long history of reactions like that. My parents took me to Coney Island the Summer I was five. I was building a sand castle, and some older kid…he must have been seven…maybe 8…this kid came over and kicked my castle. I had the same reaction. No thought. Just reaction. I jumped up and head butted the kid. Here’s a picture of what I guess that beach must look like today.

One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    Cell Phone Users have their own Beach !!