Dick Summer Connection

“African-American” is the currently acceptable name for Americans who are black. (Brown?) Today’s podcast warns you that if you came to my house for a cookout this weekend, you’d meet a lot of ants, and at least four people who are black Americans who have less of an ancestry in Africa than I do, and my family is mostly of German descent. Three of my black friends have Hispanic roots, and another had a great-great grand pappy from some obscure island in the Pacific. And speaking of the un-speakable, how about the “F” word. The late, great, Johnny Carson had a guest who had a huge reputation as a lady’s man on one night. The guy’s name was Burt Reynolds. Burt was wearing a varsity sweater with the letter “F.” Johnny gave him that famous Carson…”Double take Look” and said, “I didn’t know they gave varsity letters for that.”

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