Dick Summer Connection

 I have found that when somebody is so outrageously shocked, there’s usually more genuine schlock than genuine shock involved. Today’s podcast explains what I mean. For example, “The N Word” is code for the word nigger. See…I said it, and the sky has not fallen. It is a word that is often used in a derogatory sense by someone who is genuinely stupid and has no idea that the word is just as stupid as he is. But not always. It’s complicated. I have a couple of black friends, Mark and Charlene, who sometimes also use the word to describe somebody who’s doing something that could be described as  excremental…regardless of that person’s physical color. Mark and Charlene are very smart, polite, and highly educated people. They are not shocked by the word. They are using it in a sophisticated sense. And they don’t mind me using that way either. The word itself is stupid because it’s an obvious misspelling of the name of a country in Africa. On that subject, “African-American” is the currently acceptable name for an American person who is black. And that’s stupid too. Africa is a continent. America is a country.

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