Dick Summer Connection

There are lots of fun, happy, and sometimes funny things going on around us all the time. In today’s podcast I was telling you there’s a sign in front of the hardware store down the street that was supposed to say something about a special on screws, but today it’s saying something about the guy who put it there instead, because a couple of the letters fell off. Now it’s pure punny poetry. How about the feeling you get when you slip a silk handkerchief into your jacket pocket? And what about the smile on a waitress’ face just because you remembered to say thank you for a lovely meal? And just now I was listening to my Lady Wonder Wench as she was laughing and snapping the bubbles on a long strip of bubble wrap. I know the world has problems. And you have problems. And I have problems. But as Big Louie the head guy of the Louie Louie Generation always says…In troubled times like these it’s important to remember that there have always been troubled times like these. We’re going to be ok if we just remember to grab a grin and win.

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