Dick Summer Connection

I don’t like glasses. Mostly. I do like my Ray Ban sun glasses. As I was telling you in today’s podcast, pilots all wear Ray Bans. I used to love wearing my Ray Bans while I was flying my little airplane. I think they made me look like I could fly a 747 in an emergency. That’s the small plane pilot’s fantasy. Both pilots in the airliner’s cockpit fall unconscious and the panic stricken flight attendant gets on the horn and asks if there’s a pilot on board. So I get up, stride purposely to the cockpit, put on my Ray Bans…doesn’t matter if it’s midnight…appearances count…and I bring the big plane down to a gentle landing through the clouds, the turbulence, and the icing. Of course, Catherine Zeta Jones, who just happens to be aboard in first class, rushes up to me, and plants a big sloppy kiss right where it feels best. Hey…everybody is entitled to a fantasy. And sometimes things just aren’t what they seem.

One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Betsy says:

    That is quite a fantasy Dick! Hey, so glad your eye is ok – whew.