Dick Summer Connection

It’s T.G.I.F. so from today’s podcast, here’s Dick’s Details…a bunch of totally unimportant stuff for you to stuff in one ear, so you can squeeze the important stuff that’s confusing you out the other ear, and you can “carry on,” as the gate attendant says at the airport. Remember there is an extra charge for your carry on. Actually you shouldn’t really carry on at an airport. Wait till you get on the plane to carry on. Don’t be like a house fly. According to the smart guys in the white lab coats, house flies prefer carrying on, including having sex, right in the middle of a room. They don’t bother sneaking into the bathroom like you do on the plane, because they have no shame. If the answer is “lettuce alone and no dressing” what is the question. Don’t know do you. I’ll tell you in a minute. Those who travel internationally say that a French kiss is known as an English kiss in France. Big Louie, the head guy of the Louie Louie Generation says, “Any kiss is just pressing your lips to one end of yards and yards of entrails.” He is such a romantic. According to experts, gesturing with your hands while you speak improves your memory. According to Tony Soprano that seems especially true when speaking Italian.  If the answer is “lettuce alone and no dressing” the question is “What’s in a honeymoon salad.” Actually a little French dressing might be nice too. English dressing if you’re in France. Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind.

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