Dick Summer Connection

T.G.I.F. so it’s time for Dick’s Details from today’s podcast. Dick’s Details is a bunch of totally unimportant stuff for you to stuff in one ear, so you can squeeze the important stuff that’s making you sweat out the other ear, and you can grab a grin and win. A giraffe only sleeps about 4 hours a night. The rest of the time he’s necking I guess. If the answer is “reincarnation” what is the question? Don’t know do you. I’ll tell you in a minute. Carpenter’s pencils are square so they won’t roll off the roof. The pencils won’t roll off the roof. Many carpenters aren’t square. So look out below. George Carlin said the belief that when you die, your soul flies up on the roof and gets stuck is called frisbeetarianism. George was a study. A study just published in the Washington Post says that, “Women tend to have better verbal skills than men.” I’m not touching that…I don’t care what you say.  I have enough trouble. If the answer is “reincarnation”  the question is “What do you call the belief that you will come back as a flower.” Stop crying. You’re going to need that water. Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind. A little housekeeping here…if you like these podcasts, or my spoken word story CDs at www.dicksummer.com, or my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot at www.amazon.com. com, please tell a couple of friends, because they might like them too, and you’ll be doing me a favor. Thanks.

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