Dick Summer Connection

It’s T.G.I.F. which means it’s time for Dick’s Details from today’s podcast. Dick’s Details is a bunch of totally unimportant stuff for you to stuff in one ear, so you can squeeze the important stuff that’s driving you nuts out the other ear, and you can undulate off comfortably into the night. The smart guys in the white lab coats at Georgetown University have just released a survey that says “Caterpillars can shoot their feces 40 times their body length.” I’ll bet you can’t do that. If the answer is laughingstock what is the question? Don’t know do you. I’ll tell you in a minute.  In 2002, a group of food industry researchers reported that when children were told they couldn’t have junk food, they wanted it even more. Those industry researchers claim their study proved that children should decide for themselves how much junk food they should eat. A conclusion that could only be arrived at by people who have no children of their own. More food news…a baby oyster is called a spat. Can’t you just hear it…“Hey baby, lets have a spat?” If the answer is laughingstock, the question is what do you call an amused heard of cattle. Laughingstock.  Why are you making that face at me? Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind.

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