Dick Summer Connection

The Headline in today’s podcast: Heartthrob Kit Harrington, the brooding, sword-wielding hero Jon Snow in HBO’s Game of Thrones, is fed up with women swooning over him, hearts throbbing like mad. Awww. Let’s say it all together guys at the count of 3. 1-2-3…AAwww the poor guy. He says, “It’s blatantly sexist.” Yes, and I am shocked…shocked I tell you. And not the least bit jealous. Because I’m a real guy. If you women started spreading some of that excess swooning and throbbing over Kit around to the rest of us guys we wouldn’t complain like he does. Because real guys don’t complain. We just soldier on…even in the face of such throbbing, festering female ferocity. We’re a little like that one rebel sun flower in the field that does it his own way. 

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