Dick Summer Connection

Life these days is especially tough for guys.  I explained it in today’s podcast. You swim the deepest river for her, you climb the highest mountain for her, you cross the widest desert for her, and she keeps complaining you’re never home. And how come at Walmart they always have someone demonstrating stuff in the house wares department, but never in the lingerie department. That’s just not fair. And what is double virgin olive oil? I remember one of the girls in high school…Jeanie… made that claim, but it wasn’t until our first kiss that I understood it. She closed her eyes, and I closed mine…and we missed. When I got a little older I learned a really important lesson. Kisses are like tears…you can’t stop the real ones. That’s because your heart has reasons your head can’t understand. They don’t teach you that in school, but I think they should.

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