Dick Summer Connection

Today’s podcast explains why kids like Christmas, and lots of grown ups don’t. Grown ups are scared of all kinds of things. It’s kind of safe being a grown up cynic. Cynics figure, “Why take chances ?” Most new and different ideas fail. So if you’re a cynic you get to say, “Ha…I told you so.” And if it doesn’t fail, you get to point out that it’s not perfect. You get to say things like, “Hey… did you hear…there was another plane crash. Those Wright guys should be STOPPED.”

Cynics really can’t stand Christmas wrapping paper. “Why put fancy paper around that box. Somebody’s just going to tear it off anyway.” And cynics would freak at the way Santa gives my Lady Wonder Wench her present from me. He tucks a note into her Christmas stocking with a clue to where it’s hidden. That clue leads to another note hidden somewhere else. There are usually four or five clues she has to follow to find her present. It makes her laugh. And I love her Christmas laugh.

Cynicism is not a childhood disease. You have to “Grow Up” to get cynicism. There are no cynical kids. That’s one of the things that makes Christmas special. For a little while we get to feel like kids. That’s especially good for those of us who are members of the Louie-Louie Generation. We’ve arrived at a time when our lives are really clicking…our knees are clicking, our fingers are clicking, our necks are clicking…we’re a noisy bunch. We’d be in really big trouble if wrinkles hurt.


One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    King Louie, what a Great Idea, writing notes as to where her Christmas present is !!! -One Christmas, I put each of my children’s Gifts in boxes, any box I could find, saltine boxes, graham cracker boxes, tissue boxes, spaghetti boxes, etc, and carefully wrapped each gift in fancy wrapping paper, some with ribbons ! Never was there so much fun in opening Christmas gifts, especially the comments like, ‘ look a spaghetti box and when the gift come out, the old time, ‘ Oooooo;s and Ahhhh’s’, don’t know who had more fun, them opening the gifts or me watching and being there enveloped with Christmas Spirit !!!! Thanks for Sharing !! Bill