Dick Summer Connection

Thank you for sending your Christmas stories to dick@dicksummer.com. Some Christmas stories are nicer than others. Some are mostly lessons. Here’s one from Proud Podcast Person Dan Hughes:

1967. I worked for the Indianapolis Star and News when I was home from college. Sometimes I was sent out to collect money on routes for carriers who were on vacation or sick. One Christmas vacation I was collecting a where the carrier had just quit, and an elderly man came to the door. “Collect for the News, forty cents,” I said. He handed me a quarter, dime, and nickel.I gave him is ticket and thanked him, and he said, “Just a minute, sonny!” He slowly pulled his wallet out, opened it, and with shaky hands removed a dollar bill and handed it to me. “Merry Christmas, Sonny!” he said. Before I could say “Thank You”, his wife, from the other side of the room, hissed “Harry! That’s not our REGULAR paperboy!” Quick as lightning, Harry snatched that dollar out of my hand, gave me a curt “Sorry!” and slammed the door. Hated to lose the dollar, but I guess having the story is worth it. Best, —Dan


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