Dick Summer Connection

Happy Big Bird Day. Here’s a Thanksgiving Story from Proud Podcast Person Betsy K. Hi Dick, I know you’re wanting Christmas stories but let’s face it, we’re not past Thanksgiving yet, so thought I’d send a little story about Thanksgiving, not any particular one but rather a theme that ran throughout every one of our family Thanksgivings. ┬áMy mom tried endlessly every year to cook a tasty turkey, but every year it ended up being mostly raw, so we’d eat around the edges and keep cooking the turkey all week. When my dad became critically ill at age 77 he jokingly said that one good thing about dying was that he’d never have to eat another raw turkey. After my dad died, Mom didn’t attempt to cook another turkey although she did at times serve a turkey breast. Many years later, after moving to Colorado, off she went to the grocery one day only to find a 20 pound turkey that was such a good price she simply could not resist buying it. After all, this was a woman who lived through the Great Depression and at one time had lived in a tent with her family. I still remember the scene, this woman now in her mid 70’s, lugging that oversized turkey through the house. I thought, “here we go again.” Sure enough, another raw turkey, and this one so big she must have messed with that thing for two weeks. After all was said and done, she put the wishbone on the bay window sill to remind herself to never buy another damn turkey! It sat there for a good 10 years until at age 85 or so, when she knew she would never again be tempted to buy or cook another turkey, she threw it away.


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  1. Bill Killeen says:

    Sad story hope Betsy’s Mother did at some point get to enjoy a turkey cooked correctly!!

    Cooking tips, was channel surfing, and came upon a New Orleans Cooking Show where the cook took the turkey out of the over when the breast was nice and brown, then, he turned it over, breast down, to finish cooking it, adding, all the juices will flow down into the breast meat making it juicy and flavorful !!!! Thought it was worth sharing !!!!!