Dick Summer Connection

There’s one thing for which there will never be an app. I call it the “App Gap” It’s in today’s podcast. We have an app for all kinds of things, but not this one important function. There’s the Oral B Pro 5000 app that tells you when you’re brushing your teeth too hard. Seriously. Also the “August Smart Lock” that senses when your smart phone is getting close, and it unlocks your front door. But what happens if you lose your smart phone and Dracula finds it?  Will there ever be a husband/wife app? Don’t fall into the “App Gap.” Check out today’s podcast.


One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    You should take a Survey, ‘ How many of your fans have their “Smart Phones ” Watching them too !!!!!!!?????? ps, I know the feeling