Dick Summer Connection

It’s T.G.I.F which means it’s time for Dick’s Details…a bunch of totally un-important stuff from the podcast for you to stuff in one ear so you can squeeze the important stuff that’s keeping you awake out the other ear, and you can nod off comfortably to sleep. The smart guys in the white lab coats at Penn State University just said that in the next century, there will be not two, but six or seven sexes. Which would confuse the hell out of me, but for single guys, it will probably make getting a date on Saturday night a lot easier. Another smart guy in a white lab coat at Penn State University says if you want to keep from having pains in your back, do what they do in India. Sit cross legged at least fifteen minutes a day. That’s what they do in India. Then they can’t stand up of course. And we always thought they were just short. The word secretary comes from the word secret. It used to be that a secretary would write down the personal, very private thoughts of her boss. When my Lady Wonder Wench was my secretary, if she were writing down my personal very private thoughts about her, she could have slammed me with a very large sexual harassment suit. She didn’t. So I married her. Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind.

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