Dick Summer Connection

It’s T.G.I.F. which means it’s time for Dick’s Details from today’s podcast. Dick’s Details is a bunch of totally un-important stuff for your to stuff in one ear, so you can squeeze the important stuff that’s making nasty pictures in your life out the other ear, and you can grab a grin and win. The smart guys in the white lab coats tell us that office desks have 400 times more bacteria than toilet seats. So I guess the safest place to meet for a business lunch would be in the toilet. If the answer is “Exercise” what is the question? Don’t know do you. Of course not I haven’t told you yet, but I will in a minute. When a skunk is threatened he sprays a foul smelling fluid out his rear end. My kids did that too when they were little. The results of tap water contamination tests are made public, but the manufacturers of bottled water don’t release the results of their tests. I think that’s because they want to keep their trade secrets. See every brand of bottled water has its own proprietary blend of pathogens, contaminants and waste that give the product it’s uniquely refreshing taste. If the answer is “Exercise” the question is “What rhymes with extra fries?” Extra fries grease up the wheels of your life and make them run a little more smoothly. Dick’s Details, they take your mind off your mind. A little house keeping here, if you like these podcasts, or my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot, available at Amazon dot com, or my spoken word CDs at dick summer dot com, please tell a couple of friends, because they might like them too, and you’d be doing me a favor. Thanks.


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