Dick Summer Connection

Today’s www.DickSummer.com/podcast features three songs that pack a knockout emotional punch for me. I loved playing them on the air, because shared emotional experiences keep friendships fresh and lovers firmly connected to each other. I felt that playing them brought my listeners into my life.

3 Responses to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    3 Songs by Roy Orbison — “In Dreams”, “Blue Bayou” and his version of “Beautiful Dreamer” – and the song John Lennon wrote that Mary Chapin Carpenter made a hit, “Grow Old with Me”— ENJOY

  2. Bill Killeen says:

    Forgot one — Alan Jackons’ “Where were you when the world stop turning”–B – sorry to bend your ear

  3. Dick says:

    Blue Bayou was also done by Linda Rondstat. When ATC tells a pilot he’s just had a Linda Rondstat, he means “some other airplane just blew by you.”