Dick Summer Connection

As it says in today’s podcast, little things mean a lot. Atoms are very little, but you better be careful of getting too chummy with your nearby atoms. Remember what happens if you drop an atom. You get a mushroom shaped cloud. Atoms are so small that a lump of sugar contains as many atoms as there are stars in the universe. Not just the milky way, the whole universe…one lump of sugar. Atoms are wild little things. And little things mean a lot. That’s the title of a fine old song from the 1950s. Kitty Kallen sang it. They called her Pretty Kitty. She got up close and personal with the mic, and she sang. “Blow me a kiss from across the room, say I look nice when I’m not. Touch my hair as you pass my chair, little things mean a lot.” Sounds like the advice Big Louie gives to the guys in his Louie Louie Generation. It’s in my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot. He says, “Little things do mean a lot.”


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