Dick Summer Connection

Oh my gosh what I found in the wash. An old T shirt from my radio days. What memories it started in my head. We did theater of the mind radio.” We had “lovin touch cards.” Like the one below. And we also had the boy/girl watcher post cards with the hole punched in the middle so you could “hide behind the card and watch un-observed.” Obviously if the watch-ee giggled, the watch-er had a good start because giggles are good. And if the watch-ee ignored the silly thing the watch-er didn’t have to feel rejected. Watchers and watchees would write or call with the results. Lots of imagination went on there. Theater of the mind. But we also did stuff that I called, “Theater of the heart.” I was really missing the lady who is now my Lady Wonder Wench. It hurt…how I missed her. It turns out lots of the people listening were missing somebody too. Lots of the people listening there in the middle of the night were hurting…bad. It sometimes helps if you know you have company when you hurt. That’s what I call “Theater of the Heart Radio.” It was “Theater,” but it was very real. There’s a sample of it in today’s podcast.

LT Touch card

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