Dick Summer Connection

Oh my gosh what I found in the wash. That old T shirt I found started lots of fun radio memories going around in my head. Lots of stuff I used to do on the air is in today’s podcast. Toilet paper unrolling contests, ice cube tossing contests, slinky races…the Grape Aid Society…as in what’s purple and hides in the ocean…Moby Grape…and my password. I told my listeners that any time some nasty guy threatened them just say the password and the nasty guy would back away. Here’s the password:








thequeezyattheverysametime. (Case sensitive)

And I very well remember the night the picture on the cover of my book was taken. My Lady and I had been apart for months, and the only way I could talk to her was in messages in the night on the air. It was “Theater of the heart.”

Book Front Cover

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