Dick Summer Connection

Today’s podcast is about a serious lesson I learned about how tough it must be to be a woman and I’ll never forget it. My Lady and I were going home from a concert, and we were walking a couple of blocks to where I’d parked our car. It was kind of a slow walk because I was on crutches after a knee operation. It was late at night, and it wasn’t in the best part of Manhattan. All of a sudden I noticed three or four guys who had obviously been partaking of way over the limit amounts of adult beverages coming down the street towards us. They were being kind of noisy. I didn’t know what to expect. Now I’m not an especially big guy, but I’m strong, and I have some martial arts training, and I have always been very well able to take care of myself. But I was on crutches. I knew that if I lost a crutch in a fight I’d fall down. As it happened, the guys just kept walking past us. I don’t think they even saw us. But at that moment I realized how vulnerable women must feel all the time. And I’ll never forget how chilly my spine got. With some few exceptions, most men are simply bigger and stronger than most women. That means women in public almost always have to be on guard, because there are some nasty guys out there. I will never forget that chilly feeling, and it’s one of the reasons I always hold my Lady’s hand when we’re walking together. Always. She says it makes her feel safe. And that makes me very glad I’m a man. I think keeping your woman safe is the most manly thing a guy can do.

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  1. Ellen Ferranti says:

    Greetings from me in NYC! Thx for thinking of us women! We like to think that we can take care of ourselves; but appreciate your hand and thus, take on the world together!