Dick Summer Connection

I was in a diner, talking with my Lady Wonder Wench when I got a sudden itch on the back of my hand. So I started scratching it with some of the stubble on my chin. That started me thinking I could do today’s podcast about how lucky I am to be a man. I can stubble scratch my hands, my arms, some of my shoulders and even parts of a leg if an itch alert happens. Women can’t do that. I like women, but they have a tough life. My lady recently had to take a mammogram. I don’t even like the word, “mammogram.” It sounds like the woman needs to squeeze her breasts into something like a pdf file, and email it to some doctor. Anyway, that’s what I decided to do. Today’s podcast is about how lucky I am to be a man. There’s some fun stuff in it, and there are some things to think about in there too.

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