Dick Summer Connection

We live in a cynical age. It takes guts to admit that you’re a dreamer these days. It’s much easier to be a cynic. Cynics don’t have dreams. They have nightmares. And cynics are afraid of dreamers…I think. Actually I think they’re afraid of almost everything…that’s why they’re cynics. They think sneering is safer than dreaming. And I guess it is. Most politicians are cynics. They smile at us on TV, but we know they sneer at us when the cameras are off. Most of what they tell us is a set up. Like the set up I told you about in today’s podcast about the white snow and white clouds and white whipped cream and white polar bears that sets up most people to think cows drink milk even though they really know better. Never let a cynic set you up.  As Big Louie says in my book “Staying Happy Healthy And Hot,” “You never know when something wonderful is going to happen.” Remember, cows drink water, not milk. So, as it says in the lovin touch CD, “Dream your dreams…for yourself, and for newborn babies everywhere. Make sure your Christmas eve is warm and bright. Go fly your yellow kite. Look for funny license plates all up and down the roads you’re traveling to stay in touch with people who make your life worth living. Go listen to a free concert in the park. Fall in love. And may the love you fall in last…for your forever. You never can tell when something wonderful is going to happen. Go for it.”


One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Sheri says:

    as I like to say…. have a wonder filled day…….. there is something wonderful in every day