Dick Summer Connection

You know on a long drive you start looking for out of state license plates with silly slogans, and strange advertising billboards, and other cars like yours or other cars that are just strange? Today’s podcast is about a fascinating trip My Lady Wonder Wench and I took going to meet our tall son Eric and his Lady, Brenda halfway between their place in Virginia, and our place in Pennsylvania. We saw plenty of cars that look like ours, and one that looked like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was a vintage red Mustang with something that looked like a jet plane intake on the hood. One of the advertising signs was so clever I wrote it down. It was a home cleaning service called “One girl and her bucket.” Pretty neat. There was a billboard advertising a moving company called, “Two guys and a truck.” And you know how you sometimes kid around with each other to pass the time? I remembered an old bit that I tried on my Lady Wonder Wench. It goes like this: What color is snow. What color are clouds. What color is whipped cream. What color are polar bears. Most people say snow and clouds and whipped cream and polar bears are white. Then you ask, What do cows drink.” Most people say cows drink milk, because you’ve set them up thinking about white stuff. The right answer of course is that cows drink water of course. Lots more about this in today’s podcast.

girl & bucket

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