Dick Summer Connection

Do you have a favorite DJ? I think you would if he or she made a connection with you. So…what’s that got to do with all the loneliness that’s getting us fat and depressed? Today’s podcast says, “loneliness is a lack of connection with other human beings.” A lack of connection. Connection is what Willie B did for me when I was a kid all those years ago. Rush and Howard do that daily. Things get pretty hot when they’re on the air. And they swim in their audience’s sweat together. I call that Theater of the heart. You’ve probably heard about Theater of the mind. Theater of the mind is informative and entertaining. Theater of the heart is a connection. Talk radio is theater of the heart. It’s sweaty, gut wrenching, fury. It’s also a one topic political polemic. But it doesn’t have to be the only Theater of the heart. Anger isn’t the only emotion you can feel. Right? How does it feel when you pat your dog, or somebody you care about says, “I love you,” or your sports team wins a big one. That’s theater of the heart, too. I don’t think men and women were meant to be lonely.

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